How To Promote
$1,000+ Products
As An Affiliate With FREE
Social Media Traffic

How To Promote
$1,000+ Products 
As An Affiliate With FREE 
Social Media Traffic

Limited Spots Available

What's Inside The 6 Day Challenge?

Day 1- The Best Way To Promote $1,000+ 
Products With Minimal tech

I'm going to show the fastest & easiest way for you to start earning high ticket commissions of your own. This is the exact strategy I use to make consistent high ticket commissions leveraging Free traffic with virtually zero tech set up or software cost.

This is by far the quickest & simplest way you can start making $1,000+ commissions utilizing 100% Free traffic

Day 2- How I Sell $1,000+ Products With 
Nothing But My Social Media Profile

This is the exact process I use to promote $1000+ products. This strategy doesn't require any fancy tech, a funnel, an email list or any paid ads. 

I will take you through the entire process of setting up your own "Profile Funnel" which means the face of your business could be set up & ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Day 3- How I Get 100% Free Traffic Using 
My Social Media Profile

There is an absolute goldmine that gets overlooked in the affiliate marketing space, that's your FB profile. This strategy will allow you to actively get in front of people who're actually looking for products. 

I'll show you the "few changes" you can make to your personal profile that will turn it into your personal ATM. 

There is no need to go anywhere else or find any other traffic source until you have consistent 5k months here first. Most affiliates fail because they make the process too complicated.

Day 4- How To Turn Your Friends On Social Media Into 
High Ticket Commissions

Here I’m going to show you a strategy that I use to makes leads ask to work with you.

We're going to talk about what I say and do to make your prospects/buyers send me messages like - “Hey I want to buy through your affiliate link” or “Hey I want to work with you.”

This is where the power of this strategy is, getting hot inbound leads raising their hand and telling you that they need your help.

Day 5- The 60 Second 'Money Maker Post'

This is a key element for this strategy and mixing in these simple lead generation posts will start pulling leads out of your friends list and coming to you asking for help. 

These types of posts can take less than a minute to make & can yield huge commissions.

In this training video I’m going to show you the exact process that I use once or twice every week. 

And every time you do this, you will get a flood of people to raise their hand and say - 'Hey I want to work with you'

Day 6- Putting It All Together

This day breaks down the exact input that you'll need to put in each day to ensure that you're able to start making your first high ticket commissions as fast as possible.

You'll also get the opportunity to schedule a FREE clarity call with me on this day so we can go over anything you're struggling with & I can help you get on the fast track to making $1,000 commissions leveraging your FB Profile.


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